If you know someone who has transitioned to look like the people on the right, please get help for them.

Too many people have felt the pain and destruction of Methamphetamine (Meth) addiction. The abuse of this drug leaves its victims with no other goal than to use more Meth. This fixation on getting more of the drug results in the addict stealing from family members, robbing friends, neglecting their job, abusing their spouse, and even wandering off for days or weeks at a time on a ‘binge’. The result of this unexplainable behavior is the addict abandons their friends and family, leading to emotional pain for everyone.

This drug in particular is very highly addictive and extremely difficult “to beat”. Addiction to Meth requires a full body detox program plus life counseling and a careful after treatment program for the addict to even have a chance at rehabilitation and a normal life.

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