Gary on April 19th, 2014

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I’m sure this guy was enjoying himself while texting a friend. Unfortunately, he chose to do this while driving and it got him killed.

The photos towards the end are VERY GRAPHIC, so if you have a weak stomach, don’t go any further.
You can see here that the front of his car was demolished from the impact with the truck.


This view from the other side is even worse. When emergency personnel arrived they knew there was no way they would find anybody alive in this mess.


Now the messy part. They have to look through the tangled mess to find the driver.


If you look closely, you can see what looks like a leg.


More body parts can be seen here if you look closely.


This photo should convince you that texting and driving don’t mix. This guy thought he could do both, but he was DEAD wrong. Guess it will be a closed casket funeral.


Makes you sick doesn’t it. Here is the last photo. Hopefully, it will make you think twice the next time you want to send off a quick message to somebody while driving. Is it really worth the risk???


This video will make you realize how the texter that causes an accident impacts the lives of others too.

Also, drunk driving can cause similar outcomes. Think about this the next time you celebrate with alcohol.

This has been updated to include a recent AT&T Don’t Text While Driving Documentary and a BMW anti-texting while driving ad.

We’re all familiar with the designated driver concept. Most everyone with a drivers license has either been one or needed one. But now, the designated texter is a new idea being promoted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to target texting drivers.

A recent study by State Farm Insurance and Harris Interactive says more teens are taking the initiative and volunteering to text for everyone.

A new video from NHTSA called “Stairs” has the tagline, “Not everyone should text and walk. No one should text and drive.” To illustrate, a texting teen attempts to ascend a set of stairs. She falls face-first, her phone landing at her feet. In the next scene, another teen at the wheel of her SUV gets totally distracted by a text on her phone and looks up just in time to see the pedestrians about to be plowed under her front bumper.

Having a designated texter is a pretty clever idea for those that can’t wait. We’re just concerned about what happens when an inebriated non-driver becomes the designated texter for the designated driver. Wackiness is sure to ensue.

Check out the NHTSA video below.


If you need even more proof, Click Here and watch a haunting documentary on this subject.


Click Here for information on fines and related information.


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Gary on April 18th, 2014

1949 Cadillac is completely covered with 38,295 pennies! 

They were affixed one by one using Silicone. 

They added over 200 pounds to the vehicle’s weight. 

The entire project took 6 weeks. 

The pennies are American, and include an 1817 “Big Cent”, two Error Pennies, and four 1943 Steel pennies.

A nice vinegar washing would really make this baby shine!

penny caddy


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I knew my uncle Frank was a good man, but I never knew all of the wonderful things he did for others, until people spoke of him at his funeral.

The video below shows how a young man learns about the wonderful things his father did to help others, unfortunately it wasn’t until after his death.

The clip below is from Viddsee, a company in Asia that curates and shares powerful short films.

It’s a simple reminder to not judge a book — or a dad — by the cover.



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